New Model Replacement
Receiver Logic Board

This Is The Current Replacement

Circuit Boards Should Be Ordered By The
Part Number From Your Owners Manual Or
Taken From Your Opener
Receiver Logic Board Label Shown Below.

Receiver Logic Board

This Is The Only Replacement Board Available.
It Will Replace These Board Models.

41D4674-10, 41D4674-10C, 41D4674-10C
41D4674-10D, 41D4674-10E, 41D4674-10F
41D4674-10G, 41D4674-10H

41D467, 41D4674-11H, 41D4674-11B
41D4674-11E, 41D4674-11F, 41D4674-11C
41D4674-11D, 41D4674-11

41D4674-14, 41D4674-14D, 41D4674-14E
41D4674-14F, 41D4674-14G, 41D4674-14H
Your Current Board Is

Only The Circuit Board Is Included
$ 89.95


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